5 Ways to Improve Your Business Blog

5 Ways to Improve Your Business Blog

Someone told you your business needed a website, so you built one. Everyone has a website, they said. It is how business is done in this electronic age.

When you realized your website had no traffic and was not increasing your revenue, they told you to write a business blog. Despite your trepidation, you complied and now you struggle each week to bang out some content.

Now, you are starting to get web traffic. This website and blog thing might be working, but it isn’t making a big enough difference to your customer base. Now what?

Just having a website wasn’t good enough. It had to be optimized and indexed. Publishing a blog is not the answer either. Your blog needs to be well-written and provide true value to your readers.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your business blog:

Tell a Story

Everyone likes a story because it adds some humanity to the information presented. Your blog should inform your readers, but beginning with a story will draw them in. A good story will create a little suspense, so your website visitors feel compelled to keep reading.

Including a short anecdote about how you developed a product or what you said to a customer makes your business accessible. When you or one of your employees does something extraordinary, your business blog is a good place to share it with the world.

Write to a Specific Audience

You know who your customers are based on the products and services you sell and past sales history. All businesses have a specific customer base, gender, age group, level of education, incoming threshold and other unique characteristics that make up your ideal customer.

Your customers want to know you are talking to them in your blog. Random website visitors who identify with your tone and perspective will know they should do business with your company. When written correctly, your blog will help develop a community of like-minded people who visit your website frequently, buy your products and services, and recommend your company to their friends.

Keep it Lively

Give your readers a sense of energy and enthusiasm when they read your blogs. Use active voice and the present tense to excite your audience. Website visitors are not going to devote much time to reading your blog. If they find it laborious to read, tripping over long complicated sentence structures, they will give up and move on to your competitors’ blogs.

Keep your sentences short and your message brief. Your whole blog post should make one point. Break up the text with subheads and bullet lists to guide the reader through and highlight important bits of information. Increasing white space on the page will also make your blogs more appealing.

Soften Your Sales Pitch

Blogs are not meant to be sales copy. Sales copy is short and does not engage the reader with the promise of valuable information. Your blogs should be offering information and entertainment to engage your readers and keep them on your website.

It is tempting to use your blog as one big sales pitch, but it is not practical. Your business blog should talk about something related to your products and services without specifically attempting to make a sale. It is okay to tuck a short call to action at the end of each blog, after you have explained the value to your readers.

Link to More Information

Assume that a website visitor landed on a random blog post and has not been following your blog from the beginning. As you reference related topics in past blogs, add a link to help the reader find that information. Adding links to your blogs will increase their SEO value and help your customers navigate your website.

Linking your blogs to other pages on your website is a good way to increase the marketing value while not using sales text in your blog. You can refer to a product or service you provide and include a link to the sales page on your website. Meanwhile, your blog can continue telling a story that entertains and engages your readers.

Creating content for your website through blogging is a skill that takes time to develop. Even with a well-written, consistently published blog, SEO results come slowly. For a small business without the resources to maintain a professional writer on staff, there are affordable blog writing services like this one available.

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