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Lessons from Life to Business Almost all of the work I do can be performed from home, in my pajamas. Several years ago, working in pjs may have been a freelancer’s dirty little secret. Today, with so many people working in the freelance arena running
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Creating Your Content Marketing Plan Knowing you need to do content marketing is just the beginning of the next create project in your business. You didn’t think you could manage another project right now, but trust me, you want to launch this one right away.
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How to Engage your Customers with Content Marketing You may assume based on the amount of information out there about content marketing that it works. Why else would everyone be using this latest buzz phrase? Buying lottery tickets makes millionaires, too, but it doesn’t happen
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Hire vs Outsource Hiring employees is a big step for a small business. It might be the first milestone on your way to dominating the market, but it is also a big responsibility. Making the right choice between hiring and outsource is crucial to your
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4 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid My mother always said, if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right. This rule, of course, applies to everything in life, especially business. When it comes to business, every thing you do cost time,
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