Is Change Worth the Wait?

Is Change Worth The Wait?

Change happens fast in business. You no sooner settle into a good sales conversion rate on your new product when the season changes and your sales slow. One minute you’re offering the latest trend, the next minute that trend cools off and your customers evaporate.

It happens on the management side of business, too. One day your employees praise you for creating an innovative motivational routine. Two days later, they are calling you boring and taking your name in vein around the water cooler.

Keeping up with Change

The obvious way to handle change is to try to stay in front of it. Before your customers can get complacent about your best selling product you should be developing a new one. Consistently pumping out new blog content will keep your website fresh.

You even need to replace training routines periodically to stimulate new growth in your employees. Wait, what!? Why would I change something that is working?

Yup, that is the conversation I have with many clients over their management practices. When you are not happy with the outcome, you need to change the input. This simple premise works for computers and other machines. It works for people, too.

Change Resistent Mindset

For most of us, change is a little scary. That is why we only strive to fix the things that are broken. When something doesn’t feel right, our first instinct is to cling to routine. It worked before, it can work again, we think.

Managers seldom recognize that poor employee performance is a result of stale routines and hiring practices. My clients often regal me with their perspectives of the new workforce. According to many business owners, the workforce is changing, and not for the best.

What they do not realize is that they are stating the obvious. Yes, the workforce is changing. The whole world is changing, and it has been for your entire life, certainly for the duration of your career. An aversion to change is what makes the situation look bleak.

Embracing Change

Whether the change is positive or negative is not within our control. You can sit in your corner office and pass judgement either way and not improve the situation. When you accept change as the given, and recognize that you, too must change, your business can proceed in a positive direction.

I recently worked with a couple who own a small business that was having terrible attrition problems. They were somewhat nostalgic for the bond they used to have with their staff, before the revolving door started to spin their business around. Mostly, they were in favor of any change that would help their business move forward.

We outlined a plan that required a mindset shift for this couple. They seemed to understand the problem and how their actions ended up contributing to the downward spiral. I was a bit skeptical, though, and their ability to act differently.

After one month, I was please to discover they had implemented all of the changes we discussed and even came up with a couple on their own. They were enjoying the new work environment these changes were creating. I think the first change took place inside of each of them. They stopped hating their business and resenting the work they put into it.

This couple exhibited an amazing ability to understand their own actions and how their emotions were guiding them into dangerous territory. The more resentment they felt about poor employee performance, the more they took quitting employees personally, the worse they handled the situation.

Then, they turned their understanding into action that came from the heart. They knew what they needed to do, as all of my clients do after I explain it to them. But this couple felt the need for change and had faith in their ability to remedy the situation.

What About the Happy Ending?

This story doesn’t have a happy ending…yet. After all of the positive changes, this business-owning couple was feeling pretty good. Their outlook was positive, and they sensed some positive changes in their staff. Then, a new employee quit, and their hearts sank a little.

I explained to them that this is not a sign of failure. Change takes time and only through consistency will you see positive results. There will never be an end to this story. Like many other business owners, this couple will continue evolving, making positive changes in their business.

Now they have an opportunity to go through the hiring process with a new perspective. They will hire their next employee into the new era of their business. She will not see the messy revolving door hiring practices of the past, and her employment will not be tainted by bad training habits.

Although they have interviewed and hired many applicants in the last couple years, this time will be different. This couple is looking forward to seeking a new employee and approaching the hiring process with a more positive outlook. That is a positive change right there.

Need some help assessing your resistance to change? Want to know why your employee performance no longer meets your standards? Reach out to me. I’m happy to help.

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