Does Content Marketing Make You Crazy?

Does Content Marketing Make You Crazy?

It is Sunday, your day to get ahead before Monday throws you back into the whirlwind of running your small business. This is the time you set aside for yourself, your won work, that is. Sunday is you day to be quiet, pensive, creative, innovative. Today is the day to brainstorm solutions and changes that will move your business forward.

Then content marketing entered your life. You know you need it to promote your products and services online. The key to content marketing is cranking out an insane amount of content each week – emphasis on the word INSANE!

Who is Crazy for Content Marketing?

Most of the business owners I talk to have little time to create marketing content. To be quite honest, they barely have a marketing strategy at all. Mostly, they do what they do and hope people notice. Many small businesses have a stagnant website and a couple Facebook followers, mostly a spouse, sibling or parent.

So Sunday, that relaxed work day, has become catch-up day. This is the last chance you have to bang out the required amount of content for next week and dream of getting ahead of your schedule for next week.

I promise you, you are not the only one who struggles to keep up with creating enough content to fuel your content marketing strategy. It might make you want to give up and look for an easier way. Connecting with your customers and potential clients online is the most inexpensive and effective long term marketing strategy, though, so I wouldn’t recommend quitting.

Bring Back Sanity!

It is painful to talk with business owners who are struggling. As they describe their awkward interactions with employees or ineffective marketing strategies, my heart goes out to them. Small business owners are some of the hardest working people in our society. They have that can-do attitude and leadership mentality that I hate to see defeated.

That’s why I love working to restore equilibrium for business owners. When their furrowed brows give way to smiles and I can tell they’re breathing again, it is like a beautiful Spring day.

Here are some ideas to take the crazy out of your content marketing efforts and restore calm to your Sundays:

Keep it simple — Focus on one group of products or services at a time with a short list of keywords you use in every blog.

Organize your efforts — Make a spreadsheet to keep track of your topics and keywords. List future topic ideas on the same sheet, so they are handy when you need them.

Schedule realistic goals — Figure out how long it takes you to write a 500 word blog and set aside enough time each day. Don’t expect to draft 2000 words in an hour. I can predict disastrous disappointment in that schedule.

Get help — You don’t have to outsource your business blog to regain your sanity. Invite a guest blogger to fill in once in a while to give you a break. You can also buy custom content to use to increase your publishing frequency.

With ever green content there is a cumulative effect to the SEO value of fresh content on your website. You may be working hard right now to build a volume of content on your site, but eventually you will be able to post less frequently and maintain a reasonable level of new traffic.

If content marketing is making you crazy, explore the options New Day Strategies offers for content writing. You could purchase single pieces of content or packages of multiple articles to use during your vacation or crunch time, like when you are launching a new product or hosting an event. We also have monthly subscriptions that can put your content creation efforts on autopilot. You provide the topic and keywords, and we send you expertly written content every month.

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