Content Marketing by the Numbers

Content Marketing by the Numbers

As a writer, I am naturally adverse to numbers, at least that’s what I tell myself. Doing math in my head, anything from figuring out the tip on a lunch check to calculating my exact age, is generally outside the realm of my abilities.

When it comes to marketing, though, I learn to embrace the numbers. Words may move the needle on your marketing campaign, but the numbers show us how far, and that’s what really matters.

Business is a numbers game, anyway. Balancing investment with return is the ultimate goal. And even when we are measuring marketing strategies, the numbers count. Sales is a numbers game – the more calls you make, the more sales you get. Want to turn up the volume of sales for your business, reach out to more potential customers.

Customers, being people, are what is really driving the content marketing trend, though. Despite the exponential reach of the internet, people still want the human touch. Those who can connect directly with customers are more likely to make the sale.

The Big Deal About Content Marketing

According to one statistic, 42% of businesses believe their content marketing efforts are effective, while only 16% feel they are not effective at all. The numbers don’t lie. A business owner who claims content marketing is working must have some traffic or revenue stats to back it up.

Here’s another statistic that might surprise you. Approximately 60% of business owners create at least one piece of content each day. Yup! You are not the only one running a business and banging out content on a regular basis.

One thing you learn in business is to keep doing what works. Apparently, content marketing is working for a majority of business owners, so they keep doing it. Of course, to be most effective, you have to refresh your content frequently.

Those leading the charge with content marketing are seeing an average of 8 times as much unique website traffic increase each year as those who are not making the same effort. It looks like putting in the hard work yields results. But isn’t that what all successful business owners know?

My favorite statistic about content marketing is that it costs 62% less than traditional forms of marketing and returns 3 times the results. Yes! isn’t this what all business owners are all looking for? You lay awake at night trying to dream up a less expensive marketing plan that works. Here’s a strategy that actually works better and costs less.

What Now

Simple. Use these statistics to improve your overall marketing strategy. You MUST include content marketing in your business, and you might consider dropping other more costly strategies. You can afford to scale back the campaigns that are not working and divert those resources to creating content.

Get your business into the 60% – the ones creating new content every day. Those are probably the leaders who are seeing 8 times the new web traffic you are. More content means more traffic and increased sales. It is a really a simple formula.

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