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Creating Your Content Marketing Plan

Creating Your Content Marketing Plan

Knowing you need to do content marketing is just the beginning of the next create project in your business. You didn’t think you could manage another project right now, but trust me, you want to launch this one right away.

Content marketing is a fancy way of saying you are going to use content, copy, words to market your business. Now, marketing is different from selling, but you already knew that. Selling is a short term process: you make a call or offer a discount, the customer likes your offer and makes the purchase.

Marketing is like playing the long game. You reach out to would-be clients, educate them about your brand, encourage them to connect. You let the world know what you do and why you should do it for them. You make connections for people between your products and their lives, their problems and your solutions.

Selling makes sales; marketing makes customers. Customers are worth more!

Scheduling is Important

You can’t market your business when you have time. If you wake up one morning with a great marketing idea, you can’t just implement it that day. There is a flow, a schedule, a cadence to marketing your business. You need to make a plan for content marketing.

Recently, I am working with a client who is preparing to launch a new book. Her focus is on completing the draft of the book and anticipating going through the publishing process. That is a lot of work that takes tremendous focus. It is almost too late for her to create a content marketing plan.

Content marketing moves the online world, but it happens slowly. Your content marketing needs a lot of lead time to show results. Get your schedule right and start now!

Week by Week

Creating content for your business can be overwhelming, so I like to look at it one week at a time. I find that when the long range outlook looks bleak, it is time to focus on the day to day. Don’t worry about how to create 30 chunks of interesting and engaging content encompassing at least 15,000 words. Just concentrate on the 7 items you will write this week.

Break your content marketing down by week, and it will build itself. (Well, not really, but I want to say something encouraging.) Decide what the theme or topic will be for each week. That makes it easier to create marketing content each day. You can lay out your plan for the whole month at one time, and then execute day by day.


Each piece of content you publish on your business blog needs to be unique to get the most SEO value. You can use the same content on various platforms, though. The content you write for your newsletter, can later be posted to your website business blog. Excepts of that content can be used as social media posts or even marketing copy for landing pages or lead magnets.

All of these uses for your content should be planned out in your marketing plan. Tracking them on a spreadsheet will make it easier to stay organized throughout the week. Certain topics can be scheduled in the weeks before a new product launch. Write those topics into the appropriate weeks on your marketing plan, so there is no last minute scrambling.

Once you have your marketing plan created, you’re going to need some help executing. Check out my content writing service for an affordable alternative to staying up all night writing your own marketing content.

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