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How to Engage your Customers with Content Marketing

How to Engage your Customers with Content Marketing

You may assume based on the amount of information out there about content marketing that it works. Why else would everyone be using this latest buzz phrase? Buying lottery tickets makes millionaires, too, but it doesn’t happen to everyone.

You’d like to use content marketing for your business to get the increase in sales that everyone is buzzing about, but it doesn’t seem practical. You sell knee pads and other equipment for the home gardener. Your customers don’t want to read a bunch of stuff on your website, they just want to buy something, or not, and move on.

What’s in a Brand?

I bought a french-door refrigerator when they were first available several years ago. Only one company made them. I was in desperate need of a new fridge, but buying appliances is not exactly sexy. Somehow, I fell in love with this refrigerator and bragged about it to all my friends. To this day, it is the standard by which I measure all other refrigerators.

The appliance impressed me so much that I looked up the brand online to learn more about them. I soon purchased a cell phone made by the same company and had my eye out for any product that carried their logo. When I saw their branding, I immediately assumed I was looking at an innovative product, the best in the industry.

If I can become a raving fan of a company over a refrigerator, you can create raving fans for your business. Content marketing is the key to connecting with your customers because people still seek a personal connection with the world around them.

Give Them What They Want

Telling someone what he wants to hear is not the best strategy for interpersonal relationships because it implies the information may not be true. When it comes to communicating with customers, you always want to speak the truth. It is also important, though, to understand what they want to hear.

A blog about my titanium refrigerator (titanium!) probably will not engage the customers on your garden equipment website. Gardeners are more interested in what goes in the fridge than in what the fridge is made of. You could probably entice them with a blog about preserving fresh produce, though.

You have to understand what your customer base is into in order to create engaging content for them. Think about why they would buy your product. What are they going to use it for? Maybe you could suggest a related, but lesser known, use for the products they buy from you.

Not Just Knee Pads

To be interesting and engaging to your customers, your content marketing shouldn’t be all about your product. In fact, it should not be about your product at all. Present content on topics that would be interesting to your customers, and don’t worry about your product. Content marketing is not about selling products.
If you have trouble coming up with topics for your business blog, take the Jeopardy approach. Come up with questions that can be answered with your product. How do you avoid knee pain while gardening? What gear do you need this gardening season? The answer to these questions is knee pads. Of course, it is not the only answer or the complete answer, but it is reasonable to mention knee pads in each of these discussions.

When you think about your customers, who they are, and what they need, you will create engaging content. Your products and services will naturally become part of the discussion, but they should not be your focus when developing content marketing.

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