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How a Great Blog Precipitates Hiring Great Employees

How a Great Blog Precipitates Hiring Great Employees

Finding rockstar employees in the current market is challenging, or so I’m told by almost every one of my clients. When I ask a client to describe the perfect employee, I get a random list of qualities that often includes, a self-starter (code for I don’t want to train anyone).

Most busy bosses are looking for the perfect employee who can come in and get things done on their very first day. They want a team player who will be loyal to the organization and provide excellent service to their customers. My more desperate clients would settle for employees who don’t piss them off every single day.

I hear you. People can be aggravating.

The conversation I have with business owners about the quality of their employees is a bit like talking with a girlfriend about relationships. Everyone wants a partner who knows how to fit into their lives seamlessly without being told.

In a boyfriend this means a guy who knows whether to give you a hug or walk out of the room when you start to cry. In an employee, you are looking for a person who offers a disgruntled customer an appropriate discount without being told to do so.

In our businesses and our personal lives, we refer to this as common sense. It is anything but common, however. It turns out to be more like psychic or a happy accident. You don’t want to tell your boyfriend or your employee he’s doing it wrong, but you are reluctant to take the time to give him specific instruction, as well.

Life is complicated when you don’t communicate well.

I know you are wondering what any of this has to do with your blog. Stick with me; I’m getting there.

In your personal life, you want to fall in love with a person who lives in a beautiful house that is tastefully decorated and always clean. But, are you that person? Maybe you keep attracting the TV-dinner-on-the-crumby-couch-type because that is the image you project.

If you want a classy partner, you have to be classy yourself. The same is true of your business. If you want to attract employees who fit the personality of your business, you have to project the personality you want to have.

You’ve probably heard that your business blog is one of the best ways to develop your brand and attract loyal customers. But, you probably didn’t consider the role your blog plays in the hiring process.

A smart, savvy job applicant checks out your website before the interview. In fact, most applicants look at your website before submitting their resume. If they don’t like what they see, they move on to the next job opening.

Courting Your Next New Employee Now

Do you go on blind dates? Probably not if you can help it. You don’t want to waste your time on someone who is obviously not your type. You at least do a little Facebook stalking before agreeing to a meeting, right?

And when that potential job applicant checks out your website, what will he find? Will your brand resonate with him and your company’s mission free his creative energy? Or will he want to invoke that safety call to end the date early?

The same way you want your blog to speak directly to your customers, it can also resonate with potential employees — or not. A well-written, frequently updated blog on your website can pre-screen your job applicants, saving you time and heart-ache during the hiring process.

When you are writing your blog content to define your brand and inform your customers, you are also building a foundation for your next hiring. Your blog is going to attract people who agree with your core values as you communicate them on your website. Some of those people will become customers, some raving fans, and some…future employees.

While you are using your blog to develop a customer base or regular website visitors, it is collecting a pool of potential job applicants as well. These applicants are better than the ones who respond to your ad because they are already fans of your business.

If you need help developing content for your website or creating an efficient hiring process for your business, contact me. I can automate both of these for you to save you time and money the next time you need a new employee.

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