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Lessons from Life to Business

Lessons from Life to Business

Almost all of the work I do can be performed from home, in my pajamas. Several years ago, working in pjs may have been a freelancer’s dirty little secret. Today, with so many people working in the freelance arena running online businesses, it is common.

I’m sure now that I’ve brought that to your attention, you are picturing this squinty-eyed, messy-haired, middle-aged lump hunched over the keyboard dishing out business advice. Actually, in order to not become that exact character, I force myself to go outside once in a while. There are a couple local coffee shops with free wifi I frequent in a convention I like to call coffee-work.

This morning, I was intrigued by two retired guys sharing their coffee, and I asked to join them. We had a friendly chat during which I learned that one of them has a wife surviving ovarian cancer, volunteers in the reading program at the local school, and grew up in New York City in 1930s. The other gentleman is retired from the Air Force, has a son who is involved in international commerce, and plays pickle ball in a league at the local senior center.

When we began talking, you would think we were very different, from two completely separate segments of society. In fact, when I initiated conversation it was in a quest for a different narrative. I needed to get outside of my own story to freshen my perspective and clear my mind.

As our conversation moved easily from topic to topic, I developed a connection with these two friendly souls. It was surprising to realize that our stories overlapped on many points. We could have continued a lengthy conversation on many commonalities of experience despite our apparent differences.

You Have to Stay Connected

It’s easy for business owners to get caught up in their daily tasks and lose perspective on the big wide world. The greatest danger is to lose touch with the people out there. Behind all your spreadsheets and statistics, budgets and ROIs, there are people.

Staying connected to your employees, or re-connecting with them if you have fallen out of touch, is essential to moving your business forward. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but those weekly staff emails you send out are a lifeline for your organization.

Connecting with your employees means recognizing their humanity and honoring your commonalities. They are parents and children just like you. They face small challenges like balancing diet and exercise routines and worry about life issues like loved ones with cancer or developmental disabilities — just like you.

Connecting with your customers offers you the opportunity to develop lasting relationships. People seek connection, and when you can tap into that, you can grow your customer base. Reaching out to customers fosters a feeling of inclusion; interacting with customers helps you understand them better, so you know what they need.

Content is the Vehicle

Written communication is the most efficient way to connect with employees and customers. One message is replicated to everyone, whether it is 20 employees or thousands of customers. Keep them informed about new clients and services, the progress of recent growth initiatives, and innovations in your industry.

It sounds like a lot of extra work, but the ROI on communicating with employees and customers can be tremendous. When you hire a content writing service, you provide the ideas and they do all the rest. A one minute thought turns into a 500-word piece of content for your employee newsletter or business blog, and that becomes thousands of dollars in improved productivity or increased revenue.

Communication matters!

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