What Makes You a Great Employer?

What Makes You a Great Employer?

I recently learned about all the crazy perks employees at some of the big tech companies get on a daily basis. A client of mine hired someone away from a big company, and it didn’t work out.

In hindsight, he was afraid his small business couldn’t compete with all the free stuff. All he was handing out in abundance was work and the ability to work from any location and any hours. Of course, this poor employee needed to log in from literally every where and work at all hours to complete the tasks he threw at her.

Apparently, she enjoyed the freedom of telecommuting, but missed all the perks. She was used to free lunch in the company dining room every day, dry cleaning deliveries and car services. Employees at some large companies are truly pampered while they are grinding out their best work.

The turnover rate at big companies that pamper their employees is higher than you might think. Being a great employer does not have to include sponsoring a weekly video game tournament with cash prizes. Actually, most employees would prefer a boss who stood at the door and thanked them each day over one who handed out ten dollar bills.

You can be a great employer on a tight budget and without enough square footage to put in a workout facility in your shop. Just consider these six points and you’ll be on your way to employer of the year, every year.

1. Treat employees like part of the family.
Your business is like one big family. In an ideal family, there are no in-groups and out-groups. Everyone belongs. From their very first day, great employers welcome employees and treat them like part of the family.

2. Give employees what they need to succeed.
Great employers furnish their employees with all the tools necessary to be successful at their jobs. Continual training is an important aspect of being a great employer, too. Employees never feel abandoned or left to fend for themselves. If they are struggling to complete a job, they simply need to ask the boss for the additional resources they need to get it done.

3. Make company policies clear
The best employers are not the ones who try to cultivate free-range employees. People thrive when they know the rules; don’t make them guess. Free-range is another form of chaos. Great employers put company policies in writing, so there is no confusion where the boundaries are.

4. Monitor and guide career development
All employees want to learn and grow. The best employers devote time and energy to finding out what their employees’ career goals are and providing opportunities for them to achieve those goals. The intersection of your business goals and your employee’s career goals is a sweet spot for accomplishment and growth.

5. Clearly outline job responsibilities
Most business owners know about scope-creep, but it is something they guard against when working with clients. You start a new project and suddenly find yourself doing twice the work for the same price. Great employers avoid scope-creep with their employees by outlining responsibilities clearly. Each employee knows where his job begins and ends, and he understands when he has met all of his responsibilities.

6. Pay an honest wage
Some great employers give out bonuses and other monetary rewards. You don’t have to do this to be a good employer, though. A good employer pays employees commensurate with the work they do. When they ask an employee to take on extra duties, they offer additional compensation and agree to the terms in advance.Great employers are not necessarily the ones who pay the highest wages, but they do respect their employees by making their checks available when promised, on time, every time.

If you remember that your employees are people, and try to put yourself in their place when making decisions that will affect them, you can be a great employer. You might already be a great employer and just not realize it. Need an objective opinion and some pointers to becoming a great employer? Get in touch with me. We’ll talk.

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