Why Outsource Your Business Blog?

Why Outsource Your Business Blog?

If you are considering outsourcing, you don’t have much time, so I’ll try to keep this brief. Outsourcing any project is simply about balancing time and money, two limited resources. You have to figure out which one is better spent on each task.

Like all the other decisions you make for your business, outsourcing your blog should be financial and not emotional. When you outsource, you still maintain control of the topics, cost and direction this project will take. You just don’t have to spend as much time on the details.

The Value of Your Time
Unless you are a professional writer, it will take you a minimum of two hours to write and edit a blog post of at least 500 words. Consider the rate at which you bill your time to clients. What is two hours worth? If you do not have a billable rate, think about what else you could accomplish for your business in two hours. If you devoted two hours to customer service, what could you earn for your business?

Consistency Matters
The primary goal of your business blog is to gain visibility for your website in Google searches. This brings traffic to your website and drives sales. The search engine algorithms reward frequency and consistency. The most effective content marketing requires regular additions to your website. If you are a hands-on business owner, chances are your schedule is constantly interrupted with the crisis of the day. When you outsource your blog, the content arrives in your inbox on a deadline every week. That’s what professional writers do.

Readers Want Quality
Your blog is not just up there for Google to index keywords. It is also visible to all your customers and potential customers. You want people to click to your blog and stay on your website long enough to read it. A bonus would be potential customers coming back to your site frequently to check for new blogs of interest. Writing grammatically correct, interesting and engaging content is a lot to expect from yourself. Doing it every week might prove impossible.

Increased Visibility
Weekly or monthly blogging is great for maintaining your search ranking, but there are times when you will want to turn up the volume. Adding a new product or service to your menu, for instance, will require getting ranked for new keywords. Any events on your business calendar will require additional content to publicize. Those times when you need to pump out more content to your blog will be the times when you are already overloaded with planning an event or launching a new product. By outsourcing your blog, you can increase your visibility at these times without putting more of your own time into the effort.

Your business blog is like any other part of your business. It can be extremely useful for driving sales if it is done right, or it can be a drain on your time and resources. When you make the commitment to publish a business blog, it needs to be a sustained effort. If you do not have the time or skill to execute it fully, the best solution is to outsource.

Apply your expertise by choosing the topics and supplying some of the information about your business that should go into your business blog. Then, leave the writing to the professionals. Our blog writing packages offer three different levels of service and can be customized to meet your specific goals.

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