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What the Royal Wedding Teaches Us About Content Marketing

What the Royal Wedding Teaches Us About Content Marketing

You may be able to keep your head down and focus on running your business, but I guarantee you some of your customers and colleagues will be distracted by news of the Royal Wedding. It is amazing how we are fixated on what happens across the pond in a monarchy our forefathers walked away from many years ago.

Here is just a short list of the scintillating tidbits of Royal Wedding news capturing attention and imaginations around the world:

  • An American woman of reasonably humble birth marrying a prince
  • A royal wedding cake ordered from an American baker in London that will not be made from the traditional recipe
  • The wedding dress rumored to be off-white, symbolizing the divorcee’s lack of purity on the day she marries into the British royal family
  • Famous prince playboy stories quelled in favor of a more conservative image for the husband-to-be
  • The royal wedding story does not seem to include any of the details of average life where gentleman put their pants on one leg at a time and bad hair days happen. Instead the news is infused with a fairy-tale quality fitting royalty.

And people cannot get enough of this story!

What’s in Your Content?

Your business may not be as sexy as a royal wedding, but your content could be just as intriguing. Sex sells! People love a good story! Content is King! (not a democratically elected president in a cheap suit)

The Royal Wedding teaches us how to draw people in with our content marketing. Heed these lessons and you will build your customer base:

Tell a story — Think of your business like a fairytale. I know it is not all gowns and tiaras, but no one is interested in cold pizza in the office at midnight trying to meet a deadline. Give them the sparkly version where you impress the client, save the day, and get carried around the office on their shoulders.

Show a little ankle — Unless you sell vibrators, sex is an off-limits topic in your content marketing. There is no reason you cannot flirt a tiny bit with your audience, though. Show them a hint of vulnerability to draw them into your story. Show enough to make them want more without going too far.

Maintain a consistent narrative — Was there ever any doubt that eventually there would be a royal wedding? The common theme to all of the stories leading up to the big day was that there was going to be a BIG DAY. Don’t worry about the repetition boring your readers. When there is a story we like, we keep tuning in no matter how many times they tease the punchline. You produce the best new products on the market. That’s your story. Stick with it!

Add a twist — A privileged member of the aristocracy mating with same in ridiculously extravagant ceremony is not nearly as interesting as a regular girl marrying a prince and inviting Joe Q. Public to the wedding. Play up the unusual angle of your story to keep your business blog interesting. Customer feedback that highlights unusual uses for your product or happy accidents that resulted in new product development will get some attention.

Make your content marketing an intriguing and glorious story that draws your readers in to become customers and then raving fans of your brand. Not sure you can create interesting content about your business? Let New Day Strategies handle the writing with our content writing subscription service. Professional, custom content delivered to your inbox consistently.

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