Successful Hiring: An Easy-To-Follow Method

What would it be like to…

  • Know EXACTLY where to start with the hiring process and feel confident every step of the way?
  • Never again hire an employee who fails to meet your expectations and causes you hours of heartache and wasted effort?
  • Never again waste countless hours re-filling the same position but instead pour that extra time into growing your organization and hiring additional staff?

Hiring new employees can be a challenge, especially if it is your first time or you’ve not been successful in the past. Don’t be intimidated by the challenge or disappointed in the results. Successful Hiring will guide you through the hiring process from defining the position to the 30-­day check-in.

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What you will find in Successful Hiring:

✓ No jargon or fancy MBA words, just plain English

✓ Logical explanations for each step, a reason behind the strategy

✓ Easy implementation with to-­do lists for every chapter, actions you can take today

✓ A method applicable to any type of business, whether you sell rocket ships or provide dog­walking services

✓ Results to grow your business

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Some business owners just hire as quickly and cheaply as possible figuring they won’t lose too much if it doesn’t work out. In fact, they lose a lot — you cannot grow a business that way.

Successful Hiring will show you how to do the right work to get the results you are looking for.

Some managers think that hiring an employment agency covers all the tasks of hiring new staff. There are actually several employer-­side responsibilities that employment agencies do not cover. By missing these steps, the hiring and on-­boarding process is not as effective as it could be.

Successful Hiring clarifies your responsibilities, including how to work with the employment agency, to bring your dream employee on board

Some business owners just try to hire someone who is “self­-directed”, so they don’t have to define the job or provide any management. That’s like setting your cruise control on the highway and taking your hands off the wheel. It might work, for a short time. Or it could go horribly wrong and crash your business.

Successful Hiring walks you through the steps of hiring the right person by defining the job first, so you can maintain control of your business direction.

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How many more clients could you serve if you had just one more employee?
If you could grow every division of your company by just one, how many more customers would you be reaching?

What does it cost your business to replace disappointing employees?
Don’t forget to factor in your time in hiring and training new ones,
time you could spend developing new products, reaching new markets, and increasing revenue.

Now, think about the wages you paid your last employee for the eight months he worked for you.
That money is gone and so is he. You have to spend at least that much to hire and train his replacement.

Unnecessary staff turn­-over costs businesses THOUSANDS of dollars,
not to mention the stress and aggravation of repeating a failed task.