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Choosing the Right Topic for Your Blog

Choosing the Right Topic for Your Blog

Choosing a topic for your blog can be the fun part, but first you need to know what your purpose is. A business blog is not just a means of cramming extra words onto your website to get good search results. It is also a means of engaging and entertaining your customers, current and future.

What is Content Marketing

Everyone is buzzing about content marketing, but what does it really mean? “Content is King,” they say, and they exchange those knowing looks. But, what do they know, and how will this information help your business?

Content marketing is a fancy way of saying you are providing information that is relevant to your customer base. Instead of directly trying to sell your products and services, you are engaging your customers and potential customers on topics related to your core business.

In content marketing, the emphasis is really on the content. It is a means of using text, images and videos to inform and entertain your customer base. The more content you have on your website, the longer visitors will stay, making them more likely to buy. Content marketing is part of the customer experience, as explained in Entrepreneur.

The marketing part of content marketing is more subtle, and does not include direct sales pitches. You can think of content marketing like the free stuff merchants give away to entice you into their stores. You go for the give-away and end up staying to make a purchase.

Content marketing creates a comfortable environment of informational discussions and brand-flavored visuals that make customers want to spend time on your website. It also gives search engines plenty of material to raise your profile in search results. The combination drives sales by increasing your visibility and keeping customers on your website longer.

Creating Content

Content marketing is a breeze until you realize how much content you need to create to make it work. You may be able to whip up a dozen cupcakes in an hour, but cranking out content requires a different skill set. You will have to invest more than an hour each day to come up with enough content to trigger the positive marketing effect you are hoping for.

Coming up with ideas for content that is related to your products and services, and, therefore, relevant to your customers is another hurdle to get over. You want your website content to be related to your products or services without sounding like a direct sales pitch.

Sales text has its place, but it is not on your business blog. No one is going to spend a significant amount of time reading paragraphs of sales language. You want your readers to feel like they are getting some important information from your business blog, some little freebie that reinforces your credibility in your field. That is what will make them want to do business with you.

Here are some ways of developing engaging content for your business blog:

Draw in top news stories
Everyone is concerned about the world around them. Quote a local news story and discuss how it affects your industry, your clients and your suppliers.

Share business inside information
Give your customers a preview of changes you are planning. Hint at a new product or service you will soon offer and discuss some of the ideas that lead you to this new option.

Focus on features
Describe the innovative features of your product line without directly pitching your product. Provide a detailed list of cake flavors available for weddings, for example, and explain how you help customers choose the right flavor combination.

Highlight customers
Write a case study of an interesting or unusual project you’ve completed. Be sure to get the client’s approval and include their testimonial about the working with your team.

Tell your story
People are always interested in the human side of business. Tell the history of your company, how it was founded, or when it made a pivotal change in markets or location.

Talk about trends
You can discuss trends in your industry or those related to your customers and how they use your products. Anything from false eyelashes to wedding cupcakes will draw your customers’ attention.

Offer instructions
A how-to about anything related to your products and services will be an added value to your customers.

Give an inside look
Explain how you do what you do. Pick one small portion of your services and give clients an inside look at how you accomplish it. Go ahead and tell them your special formula for measuring the square footage of a room, choosing the right condenser for the job, or mixing the perfect icing color.

These are just a few ideas you can use to create content for your blog. Mix them up to keep your blog fresh and interesting.

Who Should Write Your Blog

This question is kind of like asking who should bake your wedding cake. Aunt Sally makes a mean chocolate cupcake, and her sister Joyce brings a beautiful bundt cake to every family picnic. There are probably a few more people in your family who can bake a cake. But, unless one of them is a professional baker who specializes in wedding cakes, the choice is clear.

Your business blog should sound like it comes from your perspective. It is one way to add a personal touch to your small business. Even though you strive to provide the most professional results for your clients, everyone appreciates that personal touch. Doing business with locally owned companies is trending now, and if there is a hands-on owner, all the better.

You wouldn’t hire a plumber to make your wedding cake, though, and neither would your customers. No one expects you to be a professional writer if you are in some other business. Your customers count on you to be an expert in your field, and it is that expertise they will be looking for in your blog.

A professional writer can take your ideas and turn them into content marketing you will be proud of. A professionally written blog has a tone and syntax that is consistent with your brand, something as an amateur writer you may not be able to achieve. As a business owner, your time is best spent coming up with ideas and finding specialists to execute them.

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