Why You Should like Blogging

Why You Should Like Blogging

You know you should eat your vegetables, but that doesn’t mean you like them. Vegetables are full of nutrients that fuel your body for daily activity, enhance your looks with clear skin and shiny hair, and protect you from disease. I know, that doesn’t make them taste any more like chocolate.

Blogging is a lot like writing, which for some people is just a bit less painful than a sharp stick in the eye. It requires concentration and discipline to stare at that blank screen and repeat self-loathing mantras. Then, there is the public humiliation part when your version of English grammar and punctuation are revealed.

What’s Good About It?

If the writing part turns you off, you should focus on the positive benefits to your business. Here are a few of the reasons you should like blogging:

Increased visibility for your website — You put a lot of time and effort into building a beautiful website. Depending on your development process, it may have cost you a fair amount of money, too. Blogging helps drive traffic to that website, so you can show it off to the whole world.

Brand development — Blogging is an opportunity to give your brand a voice. Through your blogs, your customers get to know your business. They identify with your brand and rally around your blog to form a community. Your blog is your brand personified, brought to life in the virtual world that rules our kingdom.

Personal platform — Through blogging, your website becomes your platform from which to address the world. Consistent blogging gathers a community around your website that you can talk to. Your blogs reinforce messages that drive customers to your products and services. Blogging develops a group of brand loyalists you can count on to review new products and services, post reviews and help you spread the word about your business.

Business resume — You know you are a leader in your industry, but what proof do your potential customers have? Your blog can become that proof. It is your vehicle for expounding on your industry knowledge. Every time you publish a new post with tips, ideas or insights for your audience, it builds that body of proof. Your business blog is like a giant resume for your business. People are more persuaded by your knowledge in action than they are by a list of your honor, awards and accomplishments.

Higher search ranking — This point goes along with visibility, but it cannot be overstated. A blog is one of the fastest ways to make it to the first page in Google search results. Your blog gives you control over your use of keywords that potential customers use to find your products and services. Using the right ones consistently on multiple blog posts gets you ranked higher. You don’t have to mess with Google ads or buying space on popular websites. You put the keywords in your blogs, you publish new blogs consistently, you go right to Google in organic search results.

You don’t have to blog alone. New Day Strategies offers affordable monthly blog services. Choose your package, submit your topics and target keywords, and let us do the rest. You will receive expertly written unique blog posts that reflect the voice of your brand. And, you won’t have to sweat over that blank screen anymore.

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